Oporto City Flats

Terms and Conditions
All the apartments have their own special conditions. These conditions are explained in this page, on the appartment page and also on the email that you receive when making a reservation. Please read it very carefully. By making your reservation you confirm that you are accepting all the conditions.
After concluding the payment of the reservation fee, you will receive an email confirming it with all the details regarding your reservation. It is very important you read it carefully and print it in order to present on the check-in!
It is not allowed to lodge more people than the agreed in the reservation contract.
The neighbors rest must be respected, therefore you are asked to avoid disturbing the neighbors from 22.00 to 07:00h either in the apartment or when arriving late at night.
Please make sure the building door and the apartment itself are left well closed.
The owner or contact person has the right to demand the signature of a reservation contract upon the arrival to the apartment and the total check-in amount of the rental payment.
The owner or contact person has the right to change the lodging due to failures without solution or other extreme causes. these inconvenient situations.
The lease should, according to the law, respect the contract, being forbidden to use it in illegal activities or disrespectful to the good environment, and respecting the rules of good living and quiet.
The tenants who break the rules will be sent off the apartment without any money return.